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The Arabian Peninsula

Have you ever wanted to learn all about the Arabian Peninsula, if so this essay is for you. The unique

geography and climate of the Arabian Peninsula directly related to the way of life of the people. First,
you will learn about the physical features and climate in the Arabian Peninsula. Second, you will learn about
 the surrounding bodies of land and water. Finally, you will learn about the nomadic and sedentary ways of life.
Now that you know the topics we will cover, we are ready to explore the Arabian Peninsula.

 The physical features included mountains, oases, deserts, and a coastal pain. The mountains in the
Arabian Peninsula were 1,000 to 12,000 feet. Some moist winded from the Indian ocean bring 20 inches
of rain to the mountains each year. The rain and elevation helps keep the temperatures in the
mountains cool. Oases occur were water has been trapped under ground. Where oases are, the land is very fertile,
which makes plants able to sprout. An oases size ranges from a few acres to large areas of
land. Although the oases are fertile, the desert is harsh, hot, and dry. In the summer the temperature in the
desert usually rises to more then 120 degrees. “The northern portion of the Arabian Peninsula, merges
with the Syrian desert.”(http://en.wikipedia.org) At times winds start up, causing blinding storms. Coastal plains though,
have a very different climate from the desert. The air in the coastal plains is damp, moist, and rain falls regularly.
 The coastal plain ranges from around 50 to 40 miles, inland. There are some dry riverbeds that go though the coastal plain.

  In the Arabian Peninsula there are many different climates. The different climates depend on were
you are, in the Arabian Peninsula. Such as, if you were in the desert it would be hot, harsh, and dry
  suppose to if you were in the coastal plain which is moist and damp. The mountains, oases,
deserts, and the coastal plain in the Arabian Peninsula, all have different climates. For an example, the
Syrian desert in the Arabian Peninsula, located in the northern portion of the Arabian Peninsula,
has a very hot and dry climate.

  There are quite a few surrounding bodies of land and water, around the Arabian Peninsula. The bodies
of land surrounding the Arabian Peninsula includes, North Africa, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran. “The Arabian
Peninsula, is a mass of land, north-east of Africa.”(http//:enwikipedia.org) It is also south-west of Asia,
an between the Red sea and Persian gulf. Oases and the coastal plain, taking up of less then 1% if the land,
can be used to cultivate grain. The bodies of water surrounding the Arabian Peninsula includes, the Red sea,
 the Indian ocean, and the Mediterranean sea.

Finally there were two primary groups of people living in the Arabian Peninsula. The first people to
live in the Arabian Peninsula were nomads. Nomads living in the Arabian Peninsula were called Bedouins.
A nomad is a member of a community of people which move from place to place. The
nomads migrated through the desert, while raising live-stock. The live-stock included camels, sheep, and goats.
After a while people realized they could live a sedentary life, for they could grow
crops in places such as oases and the coastal plain. “Sedentary means, permanently settled in one place.
”(Frey, 78) The reason they could grow crops in oases and the coastal plain, was because the climate there
was moist and damp, also very fertile. Unlike the desert were they would not be able to live in one spot long,
because the climate is to hot and dry, for them to grow crops. Though not all nomads gave up there nomadic
 life style for a sedentary life style.

  Now that we have explored all the topics of the Arabian Peninsula, we have learned several things.
All the things we learned include, the geography and climate, surrounding bodies of land and water,
 and finally nomadic and sedentary ways of life. Now you should feel like an export on the Arabian

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